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Control Room Operator: Everything You Need To Know

Our newest CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations elective is Control Room. Choosing the right path to take in the security industry can be a hard decision to make, so here is an insight into the Control Room Operator role and what it entails.

A Control Room Operator is a person who monitors activity through CCTV.

It’s not all sitting in a darkened room as you may also be required to respond in person and/or conduct additional guarding duties such as patrolling. A control room is typically on-site but may be offsite […]

3 Great Reasons To Upskill To A Certificate III in Security Operations

CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations is ideal for students looking to gain an upper hand within the security industry. If you have recently completed a CPP20212 in Certificate II in Security Operations this course is the perfect route to upskill and progress further within the Security Industry. Here are 3 reasons you should start your Certificate III today!


1. Increase your employment possibilities

Employers look for highly skilled and qualified guards in an industry where competition is fierce. If […]

Top 7 Tips To Tighten Your Supply Chain Security

We have all heard the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” but to repair or replace that weak link, you first need to identify it. These are my seven tips for improving the sustainability or resilience of your supply chain security

1. Identify all of the nodes in your supply chain

No two organisational supply chains are alike, as there are many dependencies and interdependencies at all levels. Some organisations perform a cursory […]

Developing A Loss Prevention / Security Culture In Your Organisation

The security / loss prevention department in an organisation is one of the few departments that regularly has its value measured by what does not happen rather than what does. Due to this fact, coupled with the ever ongoing problem security professionals face, of tangibly showing senior management a clear return on investment in funding the department, security / loss prevention departments can quite often be resourced to the bare minimum with a small handful of people.

So with […]

Perception Change of Site Security Vulnerabilities – Licensed Premises

We are all creatures of habit. We get dressed in the same order every day, brush our teeth in the same way and eat our breakfast in basically the same routine every day.

We are all creatures of habit. We get dressed in the same order every day, brush our teeth in the same way and eat our breakfast in basically the same routine every day.

Unfortunately, habit also crosses over to the way we look at our places of work. Quite […]

A Quick Guide To Applying For A Victorian Security Licence

This guide aims to help you develop an overall understanding of the process of applying for a Victorian Security Licence. Individual and business Private Security Applications must now be lodged online via the Victoria Police eServices Portal. To lodge a new application you need to register for an eServices account. Click here to register

The eServices account enables you to complete your application online, track the progress and receive notifications from the Licensing and Regulation Division.

Available Services/Applications with the Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD)

The Licensing & Regulation […]