5 Great Reasons to Start A Career In Security in 2022

“What are my prospects? Why should I join Security?”

This is the second, most asked question by our students aspiring to join the security industry (First one still being – Will you help me get a job?)

Well, how’s this for a start, Security is never going away, EVER!

5 Great Reasons To Choose A Career In Security

1. Security is the Future (A Wise & Safe Career Choice)

There will be obvious changes in the way Security would be carried out in future, but this is one profession that is going to stick around. Individuals and businesses today, need security more than ever to protect assets, people and property.

2. A Stepping Stone to Career Advancement (Police or Defence)

If you are considering a career in defence or police, security could prove to be a great stepping stone. Several topics/units covered under the certificate courses are immensely helpful and can help you prepare for a career in services.

A Certificate II in Security Operations (Unarmed Guard/Crowd Controller) primarily covers the following topics

  • Respond to security risk situation
  • Protect self and others using basic defensive tactics
  • Work as part of a security team
  • Protect safety of persons
  • Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
  • Manage conflict through negotiation
  • Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • Use communication systems

A Certificate III in Security Operations (Armed Guard/Cash-in-Transit) trains you to handle a firearm & work with batons & handcuffs along with

  • Prepare and present evidence in court
  • Lead a small team in the security industry
  • Prepare and present security documentation and reports

So basically the certificate courses in security would serve as an orientation program if you choose to pursue a career with defence or police.

Often, retired defence and police officials choose to do security work or start a security business only because its easier for them on account of the commonalities.

3. Multiple Career Options (And Exciting Work Locations Too)

Depending on your qualification, interest and capabilities, security industry offers you multiple career options to choose from.

This also applies to locations that you choose to work at. Options include, but are not limited to – hospitals, banks, airports, shopping centres, power plants, sporting events, bars, casinos, etc.

You can either be indoors watching the monitors for potential suspects (Control Room Operator) or out patrolling the premises or guarding the doors.

If  you are adventurous and prefer to work in a medium to high-risk scenario, bodyguarding high profile individuals or accompanying high risk assets whilst carrying a firearm could be your thing.

A Certificate IV in Security Management is best suited for individuals with a flair for entrepreneurship and want to start their own security business.

4. Flexible Hours (Work At Your Pace & Convenience)

Whether you want to work full time, casual, part-time, weekends or shifts, security is the only industry that offers you this flexibility. If you are already in a job, you can do part time security over weekends or nights to get additional cash.

5. Decent Wages (Great Earning Potential)

Recently, we shared an infographic depicting the wage structure of security industry in Australia. The stats clearly suggest that based on your experience and qualification you can earn handsome wages in the industry.

Hopefully, we have given you enough reasons to join the security industry. If you have any questions or inputs, please feel free to comment. We love feedback!  

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