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Security – A Promising Career Option After High School


So, you’ve just finished high school… Now what? Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go to university. And now that school is over, some of us just cannot wait to get out there and start earning some real $$. But, what are your options when all you’ve got is a high school certificate under your belt?  Where do you go when you’ve just turned 18 and ready to move on from that junior position? If the idea of working in retail or flipping burgers forever isn’t for you, consider working in an industry that not only [...]

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Security Job Spotlight: Control Room


Security Job Spotlight: Control Room In today’s complex social environment, the need for security and security services is stronger than ever as governments, businesses and organisations seek to protect from ever-increasing threats of crime, terrorism and other dangers. When it comes to the security sector, technological advancements are leading to the growth of new methods, standards and needs for expertise and Control Room security is currently one of the roles at the forefront. All across Australia, outdated CCTV systems are being upgraded with newer technologies, including IP cameras and biometric scanners. This has helped to create an abundance [...]

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Security Guard Wages Australia 2018


Security Guard Wages: A Comparative Infographic Displaying Expected Earnings of a Security Guard in Australia If you are wondering how much a security guard gets paid, this comparative infographic demonstrates the hourly and weekly rates along with overtime, public holidays and weekends. The data in this infographic is sourced from Fairworks website. Like any other job, experience and contacts play a vital role in shaping your career in security industry. Better compensation is also a direct outcome of your employment track record and references. Looking for an exciting and promising career in security? Get started with ISTA’s nationally [...]

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Security Industry Job Profiles


Job Profiles In Security Industry - Everything You Need To Know Security Industry offers a number of promising career options to choose from. If you ever wondered what kind of jobs you would end up doing after completing a security course, this blog post provides you with all the insights and the desired qualities to pursue them.  Armed Guard Cash-in-Transit Armed Guards can be found protecting cash and valuables either on-site, such as banks and casinos, or in transit including loading and unloading ATM’s, Myki Machines and Retail Cash pickups. Armed Guards are trained in the use of [...]

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