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A Definitive Guide On How To Become A Security Guard & Start Working At Exciting Locations

security-guard-crowd-controllerIf you are you wondering on how to become a security guard, this definitive step-by-step guide will assist you in choosing your career pathway in the field of security.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards an exciting, stable and promising career that will take you places.

No matter what your background is, security industry can be a great career option.

Step […]

5 Great Reasons to Start A Career In Security in 2019

“What are my prospects? Why should I join Security?”

This is the second, most asked question by our students aspiring to join the security industry (First one still being – Will you help me get a job?)

Well, how’s this for a start, Security is never going away, EVER!

5 Great Reasons To Choose A Career In Security

1. Security is the Future (A Wise & Safe Career Choice)

There will be obvious changes in the way Security would […]

Why Should Women Consider Private Investigations As A Potential Career Option?

Private investigator – what images does that conjure up?

Long gone are the days of men hiding in the shadows, and not every private investigator wears a moustache or drives a Ferrari. According to some of the major security firms, female investigators make up more than 50% of their workforce –  and for good reason.

Put Your Natural Abilities & Instincts to Test

The unique skills, talents and abilities of women are recognised as essential and in high demand in […]

5 Common Misconceptions about Security Guards

It goes without saying that movies and TV shows can often influence the way we think or view the world and the Security industry is certainly no exception.

Thanks to Hollywood, there are a bunch of misconceptions out there about being a security officer and what it’s really like to work in the industry.

If you believe what you see in movies, you might think that security jobs are all high-flying and dangerous. Or on the other side of the stereotype; you may […]

So, you’ve just finished high school… Now what?

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go to university. And now that school is over, some of us just cannot wait to get out there and start earning some real $$.

But, what are your options when all you’ve got is a high school certificate under your belt?  Where do you go when you’ve just turned 18 and ready to move on from that junior position?

If the idea of working in retail or flipping burgers forever isn’t for you, consider working in an industry that […]

Security Job Spotlight: Control Room

In today’s complex social environment, the need for security and security services is stronger than ever as governments, businesses and organisations seek to protect from ever-increasing threats of crime, terrorism and other dangers.


When it comes to the security sector, technological advancements are leading to the growth of new methods, standards and needs for expertise and Control Room security is currently one of the roles at the forefront.

All across Australia, outdated CCTV systems are being upgraded with newer technologies, including […]