Why Should Women Consider Private Investigations As A Potential Career Option?

Private investigator – what images does that conjure up?

Long gone are the days of men hiding in the shadows, and not every private investigator wears a moustache or drives a Ferrari. According to some of the major security firms, female investigators make up more than 50% of their workforce –  and for good reason.

Put Your Natural Abilities & Instincts to Test

The unique skills, talents and abilities of women are recognised as essential and in high demand in the industry. Female investigators tend to be more analytical in their research, more observant of their surroundings, generally more precise in note taking, can easily identify behavioural cues and have a natural ability to seek answers.

It is also much easier for a female investigator to blend in as they are less obvious than their male counterparts. Due to the stereotypes we all associate with the Poirots and Sherlocks of the world, nobody suspects that a woman walking by might be the one covertly operating out of the “shadows”.

Women Excel As Covert Operatives

If we take a look at a typical scenario you can start to see how easily female investigators blend in. A woman is walking up and down the aisle of a men’s sports store, holding up t-shirts and gauging the size against herself. Not an uncommon sight and one that most people wouldn’t notice.


Let’s take a look at another scenario. A man sits on a park bench reading a newspaper. There is a woman out on her morning walk, another playing with her kids and supervising the playground. Under a tree in the shade, a woman lies on a picnic rug next to her pram. In this scenario, who would you suspect of being the private investigator?  

It’s quite easy to see that, due to general perceptions, it makes sense that a woman would be the investigator of choice on many assignments.

Flexible  Hours – Work At Your Convenience

The perks of having these natural abilities is only the tip of the iceberg. Are you looking to return to the workforce but unsure of your career options?  

The icing on the cake for many already in the industry is the flexibility of work hours. If flexible hours are a major drawcard for your future work prospects, look no further.

Run Your Own Business

For those toying with the idea of returning to the workforce but struggling with the idea of juggling family commitments whilst managing a career, then private investigations is the answer. The nature of the business allows someone who is time-poor to work part-time; running their investigations, researching or updating reports where time allows.

This is ideal for those that have free time during school hours or have other conflicting commitments. An investigator’s effectiveness will not be hindered in any way when there are, at times, more important things to take care of.

If this has opened your eyes to a career you may never have thought possible, make sure to read the next post where we’ll break down some of the job roles within the industry.

We’ll also go over the entry-level costs for equipment (which will outline just how little you actually need in the modern day).

Perhaps one day it will be you working in a dimly lit room, illuminated by a banker’s lamp, searching through the pieces of a puzzle to find a missing person. Time to don that moustache and warm up the Ferrari!

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